Do you have a decal set you’d like to see recreated and made available?

Submit some high resolution decal scans of the original decals along with any details needed and I will work on them as soon as I can 

Scans can be broken up in pieces. No need to try and scan it all in one piece if it is too big. However scans need to be 300 DPI or better. 600 DPI is preferable on high detail decals 

Include pictures of original sheet if colors in the scan file don’t look correct and I will color match the best I can. 

Please also include measurements of the sheet or a ruler in the scan file for size reference. 

There is no guarantee that a decal set can or will be created and they can NEVER BE A SIDE BY SIDE REPLICA OF THE ORIGINALS. There are alot of factors to consider. But I will do my best to make them as close to original if it is possible